• Jaroslav Seifert

    Jaroslav Seifert

    Jaroslav Seifert (Czech: [ˈjaroslaf ˈsajfr̩t] ( listen ); 23 September 1901 – 10 January 1986) was a Nobel Prize–winning Czechoslovak writer, poet and journalist. In 1984 Jaroslav Seifert won the Nobel Prize in Literature "for his poetry which endowed with freshness, sensuality and rich inventiveness provides a liberating image of the indomitable spirit and versatility of man".

  • Jaroslav Seifert Prize

    Jaroslav Seifert Prize

    The Jaroslav Seifert Prize (Czech: Cena Jaroslava Seiferta) is a prestigious Czech literary prize created by the Charta 77 Foundation in Stockholm in January 1986. This prize is named after the Nobel Prize–winning Czechoslovak writer, poet and journalist, Jaroslav Seifert, and is awarded for an excellent work of poetry or fiction published (or otherwise made public) in the past three years in the Czech Republic or abroad. It was originally awarded to authors in exile during the Soviet era. The laureate is announced on September 22 each year, on the eve of Seifert's birthday anniversary. As of 2013, the prize is awarded every two years.

  • Jaroslav Šifer

    Jaroslav Šifer (12 August 1895, in Zagreb – 29 November 1982) was a Yugoslav association football defender. He belonged to the first ever national team of Yugoslavia.

  • Jaroslav

    Jaroslav (also written as Yaroslav or Jarosław ) is a Slavic first name pagan in origin.

  • Jaroslav Radil

    Jaroslav Radil is a former Czechoslovak slalom canoeist who competed in the 1970s. He won four medals at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships with two golds (C-1 team: 1973, 1975 ), a silver (C-1: 1975) and a bronze (C-1 team: 1977 ).

  • Jaroslav Bába

    Jaroslav Bába

    Jaroslav Bába (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjaroslav ˈbaːba]) (born 2 September 1984 in Karviná, Czechoslovakia ) is a Czech high jumper.

  • Jaroslav Gabro

    Jaroslav Gabro (July 31, 1919 - March 28, 1980) was a bishop of the Catholic Church in the United States. He served as the first eparch (bishop) of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saint Nicholas of Chicago from 1961 to 1980.

  • Jaroslav Flegr

    Jaroslav Flegr

    Jaroslav Flegr (born March 12, 1958) is a parasitologist, evolutionary biologist, and author of the book Frozen Evolution. He is professor of biology at Charles University in Prague, and is a member of the editorial board of the journal Neuroendocrinology Letters.

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