• James Robert "Radio" Kennedy

  • Robert James

    Robert James may refer to:

  • James, Robert

  • James Robert Cummins

    James Robert Cummins or Cummings, aka: "Windy Jim" (January 31, 1847 – July 9, 1929) was an American criminal.

  • James Robert Baker

    James Robert Baker

    James Robert Baker (October 18, 1947 – November 5, 1997) was an American author of sharply satirical, predominantly gay-themed transgressional fiction. A native Californian, his work is set almost entirely in Southern California. After graduating from UCLA, he began his career as a screenwriter, but became disillusioned and started writing novels instead. Though he garnered fame for his books Fuel-Injected Dreams and Boy Wonder , after the controversy surrounding publication of his novel, Tim and Pete , he faced increasing difficulty having his work published. According to his life partner, this was a contributing factor in his suicide.

  • Robert James McNichols

    Robert James McNichols (April 19, 1922 – December 20, 1992) was a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington.

  • James Robert Parish

    James Robert Parish (born 1941) is an American author, entertainment historian, and biographer. He also is a former entertainment reporter (for Variety), former book editor, former publicist and former lawyer (in New York).

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