• Mill, James

  • Notes on James Mill

    "Notes on James Mill" is a text written by Karl Marx in 1844, originally part of the so-called "Paris Notebooks". In it Marx criticizes parts of James Mill's Elements of Political Economy. It forms the foundation for what would later become his Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 .

  • St. James Episcopal Church, Mill Creek

    St. James Episcopal Church, Mill Creek

    St. James Episcopal Church, Mill Creek, also known as St. James Church or St. James Church, Stanton, is an historic Episcopal church located at 2106 St. James Church Road, in Stanton, Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County near Wilmington, Delaware.

  • St. James Episcopal Church, Mill Creek (Stanton, Delaware)

  • James Miller

    James Miller

    James Miller is an American football player from Seffner, Florida who plays as an inside linebacker for the Indiana Hoosiers football team.

  • Mills James

    Mills James

    Mills James is a creative media production company in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio that creates and produces broadcast programming and documentaries, corporate and institutional video and film projects, infomercials, television commercials, digital signage and corporate meetings and special events. Additional services include webcasts and webinars and digital distribution and transmission services.

  • James Miller

    James Miller may refer to:

  • James Millar

    James Millar may refer to:

  • James Mills

    James, Jim or Jimmy Mills may refer to:

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