• Jadwiga Łuszczewska

    Jadwiga Łuszczewska

    Jadwiga Łuszczewska (pseudonym: Deotyma (Diotima); 1 July 1834 – 23 September 1908) was a Polish poet and novelist. She was born and died in Warsaw.

  • Jadwiga

    Jadwiga (Polish pronunciation: [jadˈviɡa] ( listen ); diminutive Jadzia [ˈjadʑa ]) is a Polish feminine given name. It originated from the old German Hedwig (compounded from hadu, "battle", and wig, "fight").

  • Jadwiga Tyszka

    Jadwiga Tyszka (Yagoda Tyszka-Krayewski) (November 25, 1954 – February 26, 2005) was an actress in theater, TV and film in Poland and a community activist in Newark, New Jersey. She was married to the painter, Andre de Krayewski. The couple had two children.

  • Jadwiga Dzieduszycka

    Jadwiga Dzieduszycka

    Countess Jadwiga Dzieduszycka (1867–1941) was a Polish noble lady.

  • Jadwiga Kuryluk

    Jadwiga Kuryluk (25 September 1912 – 30 April 1995) was a Polish film actress. She appeared in more than 30 films and television shows between 1958 and 1987.

  • Jadwiga Lopata

    Jadwiga Lopata

    Jadwiga Łopata, is an organic farmer living near Cracow, Poland. She was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2002, for her works on rural protection. She is co-founder and co-director of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC).

  • Jadwiga Łuszkowska

    Jadwiga Łuszkowska

    Jadwiga Wypyska née Łuszkowska (about 1616 in Lviv – after 20 May 1648 in Merkinė ) was a Polish noblewoman, known as the mistress of Polish king Ladislaus IV Vasa.

  • Jadwiga Zlotorzycka

    Jadwiga Zlotorzycka(1926-2002) was a Polish entomologist specialising in Mallophaga. She worked in the Parasitology Department of the University of Wroclaw.

  • Jadwiga Maria Potocka

    Countess Jadwiga Maria Potocka (1899–1963) was a Polish noblewoman.

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