• Jacqueline-Marie-Angelique Arnauld

  • Angelique de Saint-Jean Arnauld d'Andilly

  • Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière

    Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière

    Vizeadmiral Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière (March 18, 1886 – February 24, 1941), born in Posen (now Poznań, Poland) and of French-German descent, was a German U-boat commander during World War I. With 194 ships and 453,716 gross register tons (GRT) sunk, he is the most successful submarine captain ever. His victories came in the Mediterranean, almost always using his 8.8-cm deck gun. During his career he fired 74 torpedoes, hitting 39 times.

  • Simon Arnauld, marquis de Pomponne

  • Simon Arnauld, Marquis de Pomponne

    Simon Arnauld de Pomponne, Seigneur and then Marquis (1682) of Pomponne (Paris, November 1618 – Fontainebleau, 26 September 1699) was a French diplomat and minister.

  • Isaac Arnauld

    Isaac Arnauld (1566 – 14 October 1617), seigneur de Corbeville, was a member of the Arnauld family, a French family which during the 17th century produced several major Jansenists. He was the younger brother of Antoine Arnauld, and his son (also Isaac Arnauld) had a prestigious military career.

  • Arnauld Thinon

    Arnauld Thinon

    Arnauld Thinon (born July 2nd, 1987) is a French basketball player from Poiters, France who plays as a point guard for the Union La Rochelle basketball team.

  • Agnès Arnauld

    Mother Agnès Arnauld, S.O.Cist. (1593–1672), was the Abbess of the Abbey of Port-Royal, near Paris, and a major figure in French Jansenism.

  • Arnauld Mercier

    Arnauld Mercier (born 4 June 1972) is a French former footballer player and current manager of Waasland-Beveren.

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