• Jânio Quadros

    Jânio Quadros

    Jânio da Silva Quadros (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʒɐ̃niu dɐ ˈsiwvɐ ˈkwadɾus] ( listen ); January 25, 1917 – February 16, 1992 ) was a Brazilian lawyer and politician who served as 22nd President of Brazil from January 31 to August 25, 1961, when he resigned from office. He also served as the 24th and 36th mayor of São Paulo, and the 18th governor of the state of São Paulo. Quadros was known for his populist style of government, honesty, and his eccentric behavior. As president, he focused on economic reform and attempted to root out corruption. He also pursued an independent foreign policy, trying to balance relations between the United States and the Eastern Bloc. Although he was elected by a huge margin, his term was marked by uncertainty and political instability culminating in his resignation. This unexpected move caused national chaos, with the presidency being assumed by João Goulart.

  • Presidente Jânio Quadros

    Presidente Jânio Quadros is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.

  • Jânio da Silva Quadros

  • Jânio

  • Janio Posito

    Janio Carlo Pósito Olazabal (born 10 October 1989) is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a forward. He currently plays for UTC

  • Janio Bikel

    Janio Bikel

    Janio Bikel Figueiredo da Silva (born 28 June 1995) is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a midfielder for CSKA Sofia in the Bulgarian First League. He formerly played for SC Heerenveen and NEC.

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