• Italo Calvino

    Italo Calvino (, also US: , Italian: [ˈiːtalo kalˈviːno]; 15 October 1923 – 19 September 1985

  • Scuola Italiana Italo Calvino

    The Scuola italiana "Italo Calvino" ("Italo Calvino Italian School"; Russian: Итальянская школа

  • Cosmicomics

    Cosmicomics (Italian: Le cosmicomiche) is a collection of twelve short stories by Italo Calvino

  • Invisible Cities

    Invisible Cities (Italian: Le città invisibili) is a novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino. It was published in Italy in 1972 by Giulio Einaudi Editore.

  • If on a winter's night a traveler

    by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. The postmodernist narrative, in the form of a frame story

  • Italian Folktales

    by Italo Calvino. Calvino began the project in 1954, influenced by Vladimir Propp's Morphology

  • The Path to the Nest of Spiders

    by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. The narrative is a coming-of-age story, set against the backdrop of World War II. It was Calvino's first novel.

  • Six Memos for the Next Millennium

    millennio) is a book based on a series of lectures written by Italo Calvino for the Charles Eliot Norton

  • The Castle of Crossed Destinies

    by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. Its narrative details a meeting among travelers who are inexplicably

  • Esporte Clube XV de Novembro (Piracicaba)

    football team from Piracicaba, São Paulo state. The club was founded in 1913 and its most famous President was Romeu Italo Ripoli.

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