• Ireene Wicker

    Ireene Wicker

    Ireene Wicker (November 24, 1905 – November 17, 1987) was an American singer and actress, best known to young radio listeners in the 1930s and 1940s as “The Singing Lady”, which was the title of her radio program. [] She added the second 'e' in her first name on the advice of an astrologer.

  • Greene

    Greene may refer to:

  • JaQualyn Greene

    JaQualyn Greene

    JaQualyn Greene is an American football player from Arlington, Texas who plays as a cornerback.

  • Robert Greene

    Robert Greene may refer to:

  • Jenny Greene

    Jenny Greene (born October 9, 1978) is an Astrophysicist and Professor at Princeton University. She is notable for her work on supermassive black holes and the galaxies in which they reside.

  • Larry Greene

    Larry Greene may refer to:

  • Robert L. Greene

    Robert L. Greene is an American psychologist known for his work on human learning and memory. He has conducted notable experiments on why some lists of words are more memorable.

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