• Imogen Cunningham

    Imogen Cunningham

    Imogen Cunningham (/ˈkʌnɪŋəm/; April 12, 1883 – June 23, 1976) was an American photographer known for her botanical photography, nudes, and industrial landscapes. Cunningham was a member of the California-based Group f/64, known for its dedication to the sharp-focus rendition of simple subjects.

  • Imogen Cunningham Partridge

  • Imogen

    Imogen or Imogene may refer to:

  • Imogen Oona Lehmann

    Imogen Oona Lehmann (born 30 December 1989) is a Swiss-German curler. She is a member of the German national women's team. She is originally from Basel, Switzerland.

  • Imogen Boorman

    Imogen May Pratt Boorman (born 13 May 1971) is an English film actress and television actress. She is known for portraying Tiffany in the horror film Hellbound: Hellraiser II , Lorina in Dreamchild , Clothhide in May to December and Hannah Preston in Westbeach .

  • Imogen Rhia Herrad

    Imogen Rhia Herrad is a German writer and broadcaster. She was born in 1967 and brought up in Germany and has also lived in London and in Argentina. She divides her time between Cologne and Wales, (where she learnt Welsh ) and writes in German and English.

  • HMS Imogen (D44)

    HMS Imogen (D44)

    Imogen was a I-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy in the mid-1930s. During the Spanish Civil War of 1936–1939, the ship enforced the arms blockade imposed by Britain and France on both sides as part of the Mediterranean Fleet. After the start of the Second World War the ship was transferred to Home Fleet and participated in the Norwegian Campaign in April 1940. Imogen sank two German submarines before her own sinking following an accidental collision in July 1940.

  • Imogen Carpenter

    Imogen Carpenter was a mid-20th century American actress, musician, composer and music lecturer.

  • Imogen Gray

    Imogen Gray is a Pornographic Actress.

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