• House of Komorowski (Korczak)

  • Marcin Komorowski

    Marcin Komorowski

    Marcin Komorowski (Polish pronunciation: [ˈmart͡ɕin ˌkɔmɔˈrɔfskʲi]; born April 17, 1984 in Pabianice ) is a Polish footballer.

  • Komorowski (Korczak)

    Komorowski (plural: Komorowscy, feminine form: Komorowska) is a Polish aristocratic family. Their ancestral seat was Komorów in the Duchy of Belz.

  • Cabinet of Tadeusz Komorowski

    The Cabinet of Tadeusz Komorowski (Polish: Rząd Tadeusza Komorowskiego) was a Polish cabinet in exile headed by General Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski.

  • Zbigniew Komorowski

    Zbigniew Komorowski is a Polish former competitive figure skater. He is the 1994 Polish national senior champion, having won the junior title in the 1991–92 season. He placed 14th at the 1992 World Junior Championships and 18th at the 1994 European Championships. His club was Unia Oświęcim.

  • Komorowski (Korczak) family

  • Bronisław Komorowski (priest)

    Father Bronisław Komorowski (25 May 1889 – 22 March 1940) was a Polish Roman Catholic priest, active in the interwar period in the predominantly German Free City of Danzig. Komorowski, a Polish patriot and educator, was murdered by the Nazi occupiers at Stutthof concentration camp, together with a number of Polish activists captured during the Polish September Campaign. On 13 June 1999, Reverend Komorowski was among 108 Polish martyrs of World War II, beatified in Warsaw by Pope John Paul II.

  • Wiktor Komorowski

    Wiktor Komorowski

    Wiktor Komorowski (8 June 1887 - 23 August 1952) was a Polish ace pilot in the Imperial Russian Air Force during World War I with six confirmed kills.

  • Paweł Komorowski

    Paweł Komorowski (14 August 1930 – 28 November 2011) was a Polish film director and screenwriter. He directed twenty films between 1955 and 2000.

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