• Ichizō Kobayashi

    Ichizō Kobayashi

    Ichizō Kobayashi (小林 一三, Kobayashi Ichizō, January 3, 1873 – January 25, 1957), occasionally referred to by his pseudonym Itsuō (逸翁), was a Japanese industrialist. He is best known as the founder of Hankyu Railway, Takarazuka Revue, and Toho. He represented Japanese capital in government.

  • Ichizō

    Ichizō, also written Ichizo, Ichizou or Ichizoh is a Japanese masculine given name. People with this name include:

  • Bust portrait of Actor Kataoka Ichizo I (Gochotei Sadamasu II)

  • Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Bust portrait of Actor Kataoka Ichizō I (Gochōtei Sadamasu II)

  • Hattori Ichizo

    Hattori Ichizo (Japanese:服部 一三,Hepburn:Hattori Ichizō, March 13, 1851 – January 25, 1929) was a Japanese politician who served as governor of Hiroshima Prefecture from July to December 1898. He was also governor of Iwate Prefecture (1891–1898), Nagasaki Prefecture (1898–1900) and Hyōgo Prefecture (1900–1916). He was the first president of the Seismological Society of Japan (1880–1882), as well as president of Kyoritsu Women's University (1886–1891). He was on the faculty of the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.

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