• Hugo Raes

    Hugo Raes

    Hugo Raes (26 May 1929 – 23 September 2013) was a Belgian writer and poet.

  • HU-GO


    HU-GO, is a single-seater ultra-light electric vehicle designed and manufactured in Automotive Engineering Department of Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey by a team led by Prof. Engin Tanık and Prof. Volkan Parlaktaş. The main goal of the project is to prove that a light electric vehicle can have an acceptable range without requiring heavy and expensive batteries.

  • Lycee Francais Victor Hugo (Bulgaria)

  • Hugo Gonzalez (swimmer)

  • Lycee Victor Hugo (Marrakesh)

  • Hugo Jaeger

    Hugo Jaeger (January 18, 1900 – January 1, 1970) was the former personal photographer of Adolf Hitler. He travelled with Hitler in the years leading up to and throughout World War II and took around 2,000 colour photographs of the German dictator and various events connected with criminal policy of Nazi Germany during the Second World War for example the invasion of Poland, Polish soldiers resting after the battle against Germans, destruction of Warsaw and persecution of Jews by the German Nazis in Kutno during the Holocaust and infamous Warsaw Ghetto where people were just prisoners in the heart of the modern city during the Holocaust. Jaeger was one of the few photographers who were using color photography techniques at the time.

  • Hugo Spowers

    Hugo Spowers (born 1960) is a British entrepreneur-engineer who co-ordinated the development of the Morgan LIFEcar sports car project that was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008, and the Riversimple Urban Car.

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