• Lady Hester Stanhope

    Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope (12 March 1776 – 23 June 1839) was a British socialite, adventurer and traveller. Her archaeological expedition to Ashkelon in 1815 is considered the first modern excavation in the history of Holy Land archeology. Her use of a medieval Italian document is described as "one of the earliest uses of textual sources by field archaeologists".

  • Hester

    Hester is both a female given name and a surname. As a given name Hester is a variant of Esther. As a surname it is of Germanic origin and uncertain meaning, possible roots being the Middle High German heister beech tree indicating residence near a beech tree, or a shared root with the modern German heißen to call indicating the profession of herald or town crier. In Ireland, particularly County Mayo, the surname Hester is found as an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó hOistir descendant of Oistir.

  • Brandon Hester

    Brandon Hester

    Brandon Hester (raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina) is an American student and athlete.

  • Kiy Hester

    Kiy Hester

    Kiy Hester is an American football player from Wayne, New Jersey who plays as a safety for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team.

  • Hester A. Davis

    Hester A. Davis

    Hester A. Davis (1930-2014) was an American archaeologist. Arkansas' first State Archaeologist, she was instrumental in creating national public policy and conservancy standards for cultural preservation as well as developing professional and ethical standards for archaeologists. She was the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including two distinguished service awards and induction into the Arkansas Women's Hall of Fame.

  • McGuire and Hester

    McGuire and Hester

    McGuire and Hester is an engineering, design, and construction company. McGuire and Hester has two offices located in Oakland and Sacramento, California.

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