• Hermannus Dalmata

  • Hermannus Secundus

  • Hermannus Buschius

  • Hermannus Höfte

    Hermannus Höfte (5 August 1884 in Amsterdam – 18 November 1961 in Amsterdam) was a Dutch rower who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.

  • Hermannus Alemannus

    Hermannus Alemannus (Latin for Herman the German) translated Arabic philosophical works into Latin. He worked at the Toledo School of Translators around the middle of the thirteenth century (from approximately 1240 to 1256) and is almost certainly to be identified with the Hermannus who was bishop of Astorga in León from 1266 until his death in 1272.

  • Hermann

    Hermann or Herrmann may refer to:

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