• Henry de Keighley

    Henry de Keighley (fl. 1297–1301) was an English politician.

  • Henry De Vere Stacpoole

    Henry De Vere Stacpoole (9 April 1863 – 12 April 1951) was an Irish author, born in Ireland in Kingstown (now Dún Laoghaire). His best known work is the 1908 romance novel The Blue Lagoon , which has been adapted into multiple films. He published using his own name and sometimes the pseudonym Tyler De Saix.

  • Henry de Bolleghe

    Henry de Bolleghe (also Thomas and de Bolley) was Archdeacon of Totnes during 1275.

  • Henry de Candole

    Henry Handley Vully de Candole (HHVdeC) was Bishop of Knaresborough from 1949 to 1965. He was born on 25 May 1895 into a clerical family - his father was the Ven. Henry Lawe Corry Vully de Candole, whose two brothers, Armar Corry Vully de Candole (born 13 June 1869; died 1941; married 19 December 1897 in Paris to Edith Hodgson) and the Rev. James Alexander Corry Vully de Candole (born 25 May 1871 in Kensington; died 3 May 1917 at Ipswich; married Mary Paterson (born 8 August 1876) on 8 August 1900 at Motherwell, Scotland) were also churchmen. HHVdeC's grandfather was Henry Sundius Vully de Candole (born 25 June 1841 at Bierlow, Yorks; died May 1877 at Barton Regis, Glocs) and his grandmother was Emily Roe Lawe (born in India in 1843; died in London in March 1899).

  • Henry de Stratford

    Henry de Stratford was a Greater Clerk of the Royal Chancery under Edward III, and member of the Noble House of Stratford.

  • Henry de Cure

    Henry de Cure (born 5 January 1993) is a wheelchair tennis player who lives in Glenelg North, South Australia. de Cure is unable to walk without assistance due to having cerebral palsy from birth. He is currently ranked 100 for singles and 117 in the world in Doubles and 3 in the world for juniors

  • Henry de Gorsse

    Henry de Gorsse (19 March 1868 - 7 March 1936) was a French writer, playwright, screenwriter and lyricist.

  • Henry de Bury

    Henry de Bury

    Colonel Count Henry Robert Visart de Bury et de Bocarmé, CBE (11 June 1872, in Constance, Germany – 31 July 1958, in Montreal) was a career officer in the British and Canadian army, member of the Belgian nobility, academic, and Director of Canadian Ordnance Services, France.

  • Henry de Bury (monk)

    Henry de Bury or Bederic (fl. 1380), was an English monk and writer.

  • Henry de Beaume

    Henry de Beaume, O.F.M. (Latin: Henricus de Balma), (c. 1367 – 23 February 1439), also known as Hugh Balme, was a Franciscan friar, priest and theologian. He became a supporter of the reform work of Colette of Corbie, among the Poor Clare nuns, which, in turn, led a reform movement of his own branch of the Franciscan Order. He is honored as a Blessed within the Order.

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