• Louis Henry

    Louis Henry (1911 – 1991) was a French historian. He was the founder of the historical demography and one-place study fields. His 1956 book co-written with Michel Fleury, Des registres paroissiaux à l'histoire de la population. Manuel de dépouillement et d'exploitation de l'état civil ancien laid the foundation for studies in those areas.

  • Henry Louis Wallace

    Henry Louis Wallace

    Henry Louis Wallace (born November 4, 1965), also known as "The Taco Bell Strangler", is an American serial killer who killed ten women in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is awaiting execution at Central Prison in Raleigh.

  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr

  • Henry Louis Hudson

    Henry Dewey Louis "Lou" Hudson (May 16, 1898 - June 24, 1975) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • Louis Henry Hantelman

    Louis Henry "Lou" Hantelman (May 20, 1884 – January 6, 1966) was a Saskatchewan farmer and politician.

  • Henry Louis, Prince of Nassau-Saarbrucken

  • Henry Louis Smith

    Henry Louis Smith was the ninth president of Davidson College and the first president to not be an ordained Presbyterian minister.

  • Louis Henry Barkhausen

    Louis Henry Barkhausen (1877–1962), of Chicago, Illinois, was a stamp collector who specialized in the collection and study of American postal stationery.

  • Louis Henry I, Prince of Condé

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