• Nikolaus Heinrich von Schönfeld

    Nikolaus Heinrich von Schönfeld

    Nikolaus Heinrich von Schönfeld (1733 – 1795) was a Prussian general who led troops in 1792–1793 during the War of the First Coalition. In 1777 he built the Schloss Schönfeld in Kassel, Germany which he used as a summer residence until 1790. At a later date the building was used by the Brothers Grimm.

  • Alena Gerber

    Alena Gerber (born 20 August 1989) is a German model, actress and TV host.

  • Henry Gerber

    Henry Gerber

    Henry Gerber (June 29, 1892 in Passau, Bavaria – December 31, 1972) was an early homosexual rights activist in the United States. Inspired by the work of Germany's Magnus Hirschfeld and his Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, Gerber founded the Society for Human Rights (SHR) in 1924, the nation's first known homosexual organization, and Friendship and Freedom, the first known American homosexual publication. SHR was short-lived, as police arrested several of its members shortly after it incorporated. Although embittered by his experiences, Gerber maintained contacts within the fledgling homophile movement of the 1950s and continued to agitate for the rights of homosexuals. Gerber has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions to the LGBT movement.

  • Gerber Scientific

    Gerber Scientific

    Gerber Scientific Inc., headquartered in Tolland, Connecticut, USA, is the parent of companies that supply software and hardware systems for apparel and technical textiles, sign making and specialty graphics, composites and packaging applications. The company operates through four businesses: Gerber Technology, Gerber Scientific Products, Virtek Vision International and Yunique Solutions.

  • Fred Gerber

    Fred Gerber is an American film and television director and television producer. Gerber has directed several popular television series which include The X-Files , Desperate Housewives and House . Gerber has also served as a producer on China Beach , Threat Matrix , Family Law and The Lying Game .

  • Andres Gerber

    Andres Gerber

    Andres Gerber (born 26 April 1973) is a Swiss former footballer and current manager.

  • Daniel Frank Gerber

    Daniel Frank Gerber (May 6, 1898 – March 16, 1974) was an American manufacturer of baby food.

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