• Hans Joachim von Zieten

    Hans Joachim von Zieten

    Hans Joachim von Zieten , sometimes spelled Johann Joachim von Ziethen, (14 May 1699 – 26 January 1786), also known as Zieten aus dem Busch , was a cavalry general in the Prussian Army. He served in four wars and was instrumental in several victories during the reign of Frederick the Great, most particularly at Hohenfriedberg and Torgau. He is also well known for a raid into the Holy Roman Empire during the Second Silesian War, known as Zieten's Ride . After engaging in a reputed 74 duels, and fighting in four wars, he died in his bed at the age of 86.

  • Statue of Hans Joachim von Zieten

    Statue of Hans Joachim von Zieten

    The statue of Hans Joachim von Zieten is a bronze sculpture installed at Wilhelmplatz in Berlin, Germany.

  • Hans Joachim von Rohr

    Hans Joachim von Rohr (1 October 1888 in Demmin, Province of Pomerania – 10 November 1971) was a German politician with the German National People's Party.

  • Hans Joachim Friedrich von Sydow

    Lieutenant General Hans Joachim Friedrich von Sydow (13 May 1762 in Zernikow / Nordwestuckermark – 27 April 1823) was a Prussian officer who fought in the Napoleonic Wars He was honoured with a knighthood and the Blue Max ( Pour le Mérite ).

  • Hans Joachim Schaufuß

    Hans Joachim Schaufuß (transliterated: Schaufuss) (28 December 1918 – 27 October 1941) was a German actor. Schaufuß began as a child actor, appearing in Emil and the Detectives (1931) and The White Demon (1932). From the mid-1930s he began to appear in more mature roles. He was killed in Oryol in the Soviet Union while serving on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

  • Hans Joachim Moser

    Hans Joachim Moser (25 May 1889, Berlin – 14 August 1967, Berlin ) was a German musicologist, composer and singer.

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