• Hannu Siitonen

    Hannu Siitonen

    Hannu Juhani Siitonen (born 18 March 1949) is a retired Finnish javelin thrower. He competed at the 1972 and 1976 Olympics and placed fourth and second, respectively. He won the European javelin title in 1974 and finished fourth in 1971.

  • Hannu

    Hannu, Hennu or Henenu was an Egyptian noble, serving as m-r-pr "majordomo" to Mentuhotep III in the 21st to 20th century BC. He reportedly re-opened the trade routes to Punt and Libya for the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. He was buried in a tomb in Deir el-Bahri, in Theban Necropolis, which has been catalogued as TT313.

  • Hannu Soikkanen

    Hannu Veli Soikkanen (born 4 August 1930 in Sippola) is a Finnish historian, PhD 1965. Soikkanen was active in the study of Finland's history 1962–66 at the University of Turku, and 1967–76 in economic and social history. Between 1976 and 1993 he was a professor in social history at Helsinki University.

  • Hannu Posti

    Hannu Kalevi Posti (15 January 1926 in Vehkalahti – 13 June 2012 in Helsinki ) was a Finnish male long-distance runner and biathlete who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics and in the 1964 Winter Olympics.

  • Hannu Norjanen

    Hannu-Markus Tapio Norjanen (Mynämäki, 25 February 1964) is a conductor and has worked as the conductor of the Helsinki Cathedral Boy's Choir Cantores Minores since 2005. He is also a part of the Cantores Minores head council. In the years 1990-1997 Norjanen worked as the conductor of the male choir Amici Cantus, and during 2006-2011 as the conductor of Helsinki Philharmonic Choir. In the years 1998-2001 he was the main conductor of the city orchestra of Lappeenranta. Norjanen graduated from the Sibelius Academy as an organist (1990), choir director (1992), and as a conductor in 1997. Norjanen has also been taught by Eric Ericson and studied conducting in Sweden. He was appointed the conductor of the Tapiola Chamber Choir.

  • Hannu Asikainen

    Hannu Asikainen (born 12 January 1948) is a Finnish former footballer.

  • Hannu Kamppuri

    Hannu Juhani Kamppuri (born July 1, 1957 in Helsinki, Finland ) is a former professional ice hockey goaltender. Kamppuri was an accomplished SM-liiga goaltender, but is probably best known in North America for being one of the first Finnish goaltenders to compete in the National Hockey League, where he played 13 games for the New Jersey Devils. He also appeared in net for the Edmonton Oilers of the World Hockey Association, as well as various minor league teams.

  • Hannu Touru

    Hannu Touru (born 1952) is a Finnish football manager. In 1991 Touru was elected as the manager of the year by the Finnish Football Association. He still remains the highest achieving manager in the history of FF Jaro, where he has coached during three spells and seven seasons.

  • Hannu Taipale

    Hannu Taipale (born June 22, 1940 in Veteli) is a Finnish former cross-country skier who competed during the 1960s. He won a bronze medal in the 4 x 10 km relay at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

  • Hannu Leminen

    Hannu Päiviö Leminen (originally Hanno Leminen; 5 January 1910 in Helsinki – 6 June 1997) was a Finnish film director, set designer, screen writer and later an executive at the Finnish Broadcasting Company. During his career, Leminen directed almost 30 films.

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