• Hale Smith

    Hale Smith (June 29, 1925 – November 24, 2009) was an American composer, pianist, educator, arranger, and editor.

  • Alexander Hale Smith

    Alexander Hale Smith

    Alexander Hale Smith (June 2, 1838 – August 12, 1909) was the third surviving son of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale Smith. Smith was born in Far West, Missouri, and was named after Alexander Doniphan, who had once refused an extermination order to execute Joseph Smith, then had acted as Joseph's defense attorney during Joseph's incarceration at Liberty Jail. Alexander eventually became a senior leader of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS Church, now Community of Christ ). Smith served as an apostle and as Presiding Patriarch of the church. He became religiously inclined after the April 1862 death of his older brother Frederick G. W. Smith (b. 1836), who had not been baptized, and was baptized on May 25, 1862, in Nauvoo, Illinois, by another older brother, Joseph Smith III.

  • Fred Smith (Port Vale footballer)

    Frederick C. Smith was an English footballer who played in the Football League for Port Vale.

  • Jack Smith (Port Vale)

    John W. Smith was a 19th-century footballer.

  • Philip Smith (Port Vale)

  • Philip Smith (Port Vale)

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