• Lycee Gustave Flaubert (La Marsa)

  • Gustave Buchard

    Gustave Buchard (17 February 1890, Le Havre – 18 February 1977) was a French fencer who took part in the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp.

  • Gustave Lemieux

    Gustave Lemieux

    Gustave Lemieux (19 December 1864 – 19 July 1956) was a Canadian politician.

  • Gustave Brickner

    Gustave "Gus" Brickner was a famous swimmer hailing from Charleroi, Pennsylvania in the United States. He was famous for extreme swimming feats. Living in an era before the internet and instant worldwide media, his name was well known in swimming circles. Many non-competitive swimmers also knew him by his well-earned nickname, "The Human Polar Bear".

  • Gustave May

    Gustave May

    Gustave Henry May (June 2, 1881 – May 31, 1943) was a photographer and politician in Alberta, Canada. He co-operated the first photo-engraving business in western Canada and served on the Edmonton City Council from 1912 until 1914.

  • Gustave Zédé-class submarine

    Gustave Zédé-class submarine

    The Gustave Zédé class was a pair of submarines built for the French Navy just before World War I.

  • Louis Gustave Vapereau

    Louis Gustave Vapereau (4 April 1819 – 18 April 1906) was a French writer and lexicographer famous primarily for his dictionaries, the Dictionnaire universel des contemporains and the Dictionnaire universel des littérateurs.

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