• Gustav Regler

    Gustav Regler

    Gustav Regler (1898-1963) was a German writer and journalist.

  • Gustav Jager (painter)

  • Gustav Frohlich (swimmer)

  • Gustav Jager (naturalist)

  • Gustav Knittel

    Gustav Knittel

    Gustav Knittel (27 November 1914 – 30 June 1976) was a mid-ranking commander in the SS Division Leibstandarte (LSSAH) who was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. Sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the Malmedy massacre of Allied prisoners of war, he was released in 1953.

  • Gustav Hoegen

    Gustav Hoegen is an animatronic designer/ creature FX artist.

  • Carl Gustav m/45

    Carl Gustav m/45

    The Kulsprutepistol m/45 (Kpist m/45), also known as the Carl Gustaf M/45 and the Swedish K SMG, is a 9×19mm Swedish submachine gun (SMG) designed by Gunnar Johnsson, adopted in 1945 (hence the m/45 designation), and manufactured at the Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The m/45 was the standard submachine gun of the Swedish Army from 1945 to 1965. It was gradually replaced in Swedish service by updated Ak 4 battle rifles and Ak 5 assault rifles. The last official user of the m/45, the Swedish Home Guard (Hemvärnet), retired it from service in 2007.

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