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  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland

    Stephen Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 – June 24, 1908) was an American politician and lawyer who was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States, the only president in American history to serve two non-consecutive terms in office (1885–1889 and 1893–1897). He won the popular vote for three presidential elections—in 1884, 1888, and 1892 —and was one of two Democrats (with Woodrow Wilson ) to be elected president during the era of Republican political domination dating from 1861 to 1933.

  • Grover Cleveland presidential campaign, 1888

    Grover Cleveland presidential campaign, 1888

    President of the United States Grover Cleveland's first term (1885-1889) was most notable "for its record number of vetoes (414), more than double the number issued by all his predecessors combined." During Cleveland's first term, controlling Congressional and wasteful spending was an important priority for him and his administration. Cleveland's vetoes (and other moves, such as issuing "an executive order [which was later rescinded] directing the return of captured Confederate battle standards to their home states") angered the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), a powerful organization advocating for Union veterans. In his State of the Union Address in December 1887, President Cleveland called for lower tariffs and tariff reform, making it a major issue in the upcoming 1888 U.S. Presidential election.

  • Grover Cleveland Park

    Grover Cleveland Park, the seventh-largest park in the Essex County, New Jersey, USA, county-park system, is a heavily wooded park covering 41.48 acres (167,900 m2) in the western section of Essex County along the Caldwell -Essex Fells border.

  • Inauguration of Grover Cleveland

    Inauguration of Grover Cleveland may refer to:

  • Grover Cleveland presidential campaign

    Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States, ran for president thrice:

  • Grover Cleveland Middle School (Caldwell, New Jersey)

  • Grover Cleveland Middle School (Zanesville, Ohio)

  • Francis Grover Cleveland

    Francis Grover Cleveland (July 18, 1903 – November 8, 1995) was an American stage actor, director and producer. He was the co-founder of the Barnstormers Theatre, a theatre company in Tamworth, New Hampshire. His parents were President Grover Cleveland and First Lady Frances Folsom.

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