• Gottfried

    Gottfried is a masculine German given name. It is derived from the Old High German name Godafrid, recorded since the 7th century. The name is composed of the elements god- (conflated from the etyma for 'God' and 'good', and possibly further conflated with gaut ) and frid- ('peace, protection').

  • Ignatius Gottfried Kaim

    Ignatius Gottfried Kaim was an Austrian chemist. In his dissertation De metallis dubiis published in 1770 Kaim describes the reduction of manganese oxide with carbon and the formation of a brittle metal. This is the first description of managanese metal several years before the better known synthesis of Johan Gottlieb Gahn in 1774.

  • Gottfried Bammes

    Gottfried Bammes (26 April 1920 – 14 May 2007) was a professor of art at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. His anatomic drawing textbooks have become standard reference works; several have been translated into English.

  • Gottfried Junker

    Gottfried Junker (born 18 June 1950 in Günzburg) is a German independent film director and photographer.

  • Richard N. Gottfried

    Richard N. Gottfried

    Richard N. Gottfried (born May 16, 1947) is a U.S. Democratic Party politician from Manhattan, New York City. He has represented the 75th District in the New York State Assembly for more than 40 years, making him the longest-serving member of that body.

  • Gottfried Schenker

    Gottfried Schenker (14 February 1842 in Däniken, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland – 26 November 1901 in Vienna ) was the founder of Schenker AG.

  • Gottfried Ludwig Theobald

    Gottfried Ludwig Theobald

    Gottfried Ludwig Theobald (21 December 1810 in Allendorf – 15 September 1869 in Chur ) was a German-Swiss geologist and cartographer.

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