• Giuseppe Genco Russo

    Giuseppe Genco Russo

    Giuseppe Genco Russo (Mussomeli, 26 January 1893 – Mussomeli, 18 March 1976) was an Italian mafioso, the boss of Mussomeli in the Province of Caltanissetta, Sicily.

  • Russo

    Russo (Italian: [ˈrusso], is a common Southern Italian and Sicilian surname (see the infographic, from Italianismo). In Italian, the word Russo means a Russian , and the root of the name originates from Medieval Latin for Rus', meaning, "the men who row," in reference to the Vikings (or "Viking Rus," as they were known).

  • Liraz Russo

    Liraz Russo (born December 8, 1990) is a pop singer.

  • Thomas Russo

    Thomas Russo or Tom Russo may refer to:

  • Francois Russo

    Francois Russo

    Francois Russo (born 1966) is the creative director and founder of Maison Takuya, a company which he founded in 2008, and which designs luxury leather goods. He was raised in Paris and currently (in 2013) lives in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Sarina Russo

    Sarina Russo

    Sarina Russo (born 23 June 1951) is the founder of The Sarina Russo Group.

  • Russo and Steele

    Russo and Steele is an American collector and classic car auction company that is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company specializes in the sale of European sports cars, American muscle cars, hot rods and customs. The company was founded in 2001 by Drew and Josephine Alcazar. The company held its first events in Scottsdale, Arizona and in Monterey, California. The company has since added auctions in Amelia Island, Florida. Typical auctions are held in outdoor locations where prospective bidders can inspect and bid on cars directly in an "auctions in the round " format.

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