• Giovanni Maria Bononcini

    Giovanni Maria Bononcini (bap. 23 September 1642 – 18 November 1678) was an Italian violinist and composer, the father of a musical dynasty.

  • Giovanni Maria Benzoni

    Giovanni Maria Benzoni (August 28, 1809 – April 28, 1873) was an Italian neoclassical sculptor. He was trained in Rome, where he later set up his own workshop.

  • Giovanni Maria Morlaiter

    Giovanni Maria Morlaiter (15 February 1699 – 22 February 1781) was an Italian sculptor of the Rococo or late-Baroque, active mainly in his native Venice.

  • Giovanni Maria Tamburini

    Giovanni Maria Tamburini (flourished 17th century) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period.

  • Giovanni Maria Conti

    Giovanni Maria Conti, also called Giovanni dalla Camera (Parma, active 1617-1670) was an Italian painter active during the Baroque period in Parma.

  • Giovanni Maria Viani

    Giovanni Maria Viani (1636–1700) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active in Bologna.

  • Giovanni Maria Zaffoni

    Giovanni Maria Zaffoni (c. 1500 – after 1570) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active in Northern Italy near his natal city of Pordenone.

  • Giovanni Maria Verdizotti

    Giovanni Maria Verdizotti was a well-connected writer and artist who was born in Venice in 1525 and died there in 1600.

  • Giovanni Maria Ruggieri

    Giovanni Maria Ruggieri or Ruggeri was a Baroque composer from Italy. His dates of birth and death are uncertain, but he may have been born about 1665 in Verona and died around 1725. He is known to have flourished from 1689–1720.

  • Giovanni Maria Galli da Bibiena

    Giovanni Maria Galli, called Giovanni Maria da Bibiena, was born at Bibiena in 1625. He studied under Albani, and his productions have often been mistaken for those of his master. He died in 1665. Of his larger works in the churches at Bologna the following are the most esteemed: The Ascension, in the Certosa; St. Anne, in Santa Maria della Carità; St. Andrew, in San Biagio; and St. Francis of Sales, at the Padri Servi. This artist was the founder of a family of whom no fewer than nine are known to fame, all of whom bore the surname of Bibiena.

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