• Giovanna Antonelli

    Giovanna Antonelli

    Giovanna Antonelli Prado (born March 18, 1976) is a Brazilian actress, television host and producer.

  • Giovanni Antonelli

    Giovanni Antonelli

    Giovanni Antonelli (1 October 1818 – 14 January 1872) was an Italian scientist, astronomer and engineer.

  • Giovanni Battista Antonelli

    Giovanni Battista Antonelli (Gatteo of Romagna, 1527 - Toledo, 1588) was a military engineer born in Italy and died in Toledo Spain in 1588. His most important works was a series of watchtowers along the coast of Mediterranean Sea in Spain. His brother Battista Antonelli was also a military engineer.

  • Giovanni Carlo Antonelli

    Giovanni Carlo Antonelli (1612 – 20 April, 1694) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Ferentino (1677–1694).

  • Giovanna

    Giovanna is an Italian feminine first name. It is the feminine counterpart of the masculine Giovanni, which in turn is the Italian form of John; it is thus the Italian equivalent of Jane, Joanna, Jeanne, etc.

  • Giovanna Pedroso

    Giovanna Pedroso (born 15 October 1998) is a Brazilian diver. She competed in the synchronized women's 10 metre platform at the 2016 Summer Olympics, where she and Ingrid Oliveira finished 8th out of 8 teams.

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