• George Parr

    George Parr may refer to:

  • Parr, George

  • George Parr (disambiguation)

  • George Parr (cricketer)

    George Parr (cricketer)

    George Parr (22 May 1826 – 23 June 1891) was an English cricketer whose first-class career lasted from 1844 to 1870. Known popularly as the "Lion of the North", Parr was a right-handed batsman and bowled occasional right-handed underarm deliveries. Throughout his career he played mainly for Nottinghamshire, and was club captain from 1856 to 1870. He also made occasional appearances for other counties and for Marylebone Cricket Club. He was a stalwart of the All-England Eleven and was captain of the first England touring team, which went to North America in 1859. He also captained England's second tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1864, returning home unbeaten.

  • George Berham Parr

    George Berham Parr (March 1, 1901 – April 1, 1975) was a member of the Parr political family, which controlled a Democratic political machine that dominated Duval County and, to a lesser extent, Jim Wells County, Texas. He was known as "The Duke of Duval," like his father before him.

  • George Parry

    George Parry may refer to:

  • Parry, George

  • Parris, George

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