• Edwardes, George

  • George Edwardes

    George Joseph Edwardes (né Edwards) (8 October 1855 – 4 October 1915) was an English theatre manager and producer of Irish ancestry who brought a new era in musical theatre to the British stage and beyond.

  • George Edwards

    George Edwards may refer to:

  • Edwards, George

  • George Edwards (naturalist)

    George Edwards (naturalist)

    George Edwards (3 April 1694 – 23 July 1773) was an English naturalist and ornithologist, known as the "father of British ornithology".

  • Edward George Warris Hulton

    Sir Edward George Warris Hulton (29 November 1906 – 8 October 1988) was a British magazine publisher and writer.

  • George Edward MacKenzie Skues

    George Edward MacKenzie Skues

    George Edward MacKenzie Skues, usually known as G. E. M. Skues (1858–1949), was a British lawyer, author and fly fisherman most noted for the invention of modern-day nymph fishing and the controversy it caused with the Chalk stream dry fly doctrine developed by Frederic M. Halford. His second book, The Way of a Trout with the Fly (1921) is considered a seminal work on nymph fishing. According to Dr Andrew Herd, the British fly fishing historian, Skues:

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