• Genséric Kusunga

    Genséric Kusunga

    Genséric Kusunga (born 12 March 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland ) is an Angolan professional footballer.

  • Gento (son of Genseric)

    Gento was the fourth and youngest son of Genseric, the founder of the Vandal kingdom in Africa, and father of the vandal kings Gunthamund and Thrasamund. Gento died in battle in 477.

  • Genseric

    Gaiseric (c. 389 – 25 January 477), also known as Geiseric or Genseric (Latin: Gaisericus, Geisericus; reconstructed Vandalic: *Gaisarīx ), was King of the Vandals and Alans (428–477) who established the Vandal Kingdom and was one of the key players in the troubles of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. During his nearly 50 years of rule, he raised a relatively insignificant Germanic tribe to the status of a major Mediterranean power.

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