• Gaspar Fagel

    Gaspar Fagel

    Gaspar Fagel (25 January 1634 – 15 December 1688) was a Dutch politician, jurist, and diplomat who authored correspondence from and on behalf of William III, Prince of Orange during the English Revolution of 1688.

  • Gaşpar

  • Gașpar

    Gașpar is a village in Edineț District, Moldova.

  • Gaspar

    Gaspar is a given and/or surname of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish origin that could refer to:

  • Gaspar Besares-Soraire

    Gaspar Besares-Soraire (La Banda, Santiago del Estero, 1900-Buenos Aires, 1984) was an Argentine painter, draughtsman, sculptor and professor of some renown during the first half of the 20th century.

  • Gaspar Rivera Cestero

    Gaspar Rivera Cestero was a former member of the Puerto Rican state legislature.

  • Josip Gašpar

    Josip 'Jozo' Gašpar (born 15 March 1973 in Sinj) is a former Croatian footballer.

  • Gaspar Hoffstetter

    Gaspar Hoffstetter was a 16th-century politician in Slovenia when the country was under the Holy Roman Empire. He became mayor of Ljubljana in 1574 and in serving a period of eight years became one of the longest serving mayors of the city. It is hard to tell whether he was popular or not, as with the then common lack of records. He was succeeded by Marko Stetner in 1582.

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