• Gösta Winbergh

    Gösta Winbergh (December 30, 1943 – March 18, 2002) was a Swedish tenor.

  • Gösta

    Gösta is a male given name, a variant of Gustav. Gösta may refer to:

  • Gosta

    Gosta may refer to:

  • Gosta Berling's Saga

  • Gosta Andersson (skier)

  • Gosta Andersson (wrestler)

  • Gosta Ekman (senior)

  • Gösta Schwarck

    Gösta Ernst Poul Schwarck (1915–2012) was a Danish composer and businessman. He was mostly known for his activities as impresario for which he was eventually conferred upon as Doctor of Music.

  • Gösta Svensson

    Gösta Svensson

    Gösta Bernhard Svensson (21 November 1929 – 14 October 2018) was a Swedish high jumper. He competed at the 1950 European Athletics Championships and 1952 Summer Olympics and finished in fifth and fourth place, respectively. In 1952 he set a new national record at 2.02 m.

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