• Fujiko Fujio (F)

  • Fujio

    Fujio (written: 正行, 藤雄, 藤夫, 不二夫, 富士雄, 冨士夫, 富士夫, 富士男, 希仁男 or ふじを, ふじお in hiragana) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Fujio Yamamoto

    Fujio Yamamoto (山本 富士雄, Yamamoto Fujio, born May 27, 1966) is a former Japanese football player.

  • Fujio Shido

    Fujio Shido (志度 藤雄, Fujio Shido, 1901–1986) was a renowned chef who played an important role in introducing French cuisine to Japan. He is widely held by the Japanese as Japan's pioneer of French Cuisine.

  • Fujio Ito

    Fujio Ito (伊藤 富士夫, Itō Fujio, born 24 February 1945) is a former Japanese cyclist. He competed in the team pursuit at the 1964 Summer Olympics. From 1967 to 1999 he was a professional keirin cyclist with a total of 11 championships and 356 wins in his career.

  • Fujio Shimizu

    Fujio Shimizu (清水 富士夫, Shimizu Fujio, born 29 January 1940) is a Japanese fencer. He competed at the 1964 and 1968 Summer Olympics.

  • Fujio Matsugi

    Fujio Matsugi (真継 不二夫, Matsugi Fujio, 1903–1984) was a renowned Japanese photographer.

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