• Fredrick Willius

    Fredrick Arthur Willius(born November 24, 1888 in Saint Paul, Minnesota d. 1972) was a research cardiologist and the author of many hundreds of essays and no small number of books and textbooks in his field.

  • Fredrick Willis

    Fredrick Willis

    Fredrick Willis is an American football player from Brookfield, Wisconsin who plays as a wide receiver. He committed to play for the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

  • Fredrick

    Fredrick may refer to:

  • Fredrick Scruggs

    Fredrick Scruggs

    Fredrick Scruggs (raised in Erie, Pennsylvania) is an American student and football player.

  • Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center

    Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center

    The Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center is a 7,500-seat multi-purpose arena in Grambling, Louisiana. It is home to the Grambling State University Tigers basketball team, along with Memorial Gymnasium. The arena also hosts concerts and events. It is named after former Tiger head basketball coach, Fred Hobdy.

  • Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal

    Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal was a German inventor who was awarded the patent for the first known mechanical device for sewing in 1755. One might argue that he invented the sewing machine. He was born in Germany, but was in England at the time of invention. For his invention of a double pointed needle with an eye at one end, he received the British Patent No. 701 (1755). but after in 1830 Barthélemy Thimonnier reinvented the sewing machine.

  • Fredrick Pyfer

    Fredrick Pyfer was an American politician. He served as the twelfth mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1871 to 1873.

  • Fredrick Kúmókụn Adédeji Haastrup

    Fredrick Kúmókụn Adédeji Haastrup

    Fredrick Kúmókụn Adédeji Haastrup was born in the 19th century into the family of a member of the ancient Bilaro Royal house of Iléṣa. It is one of the four ruling families of Ileṣa (Biládù, Bilágbayọ, Biláro and Biláyiréré) and has been, since the reign of Owá Ọbọkun Atakumosa 900 years ago. After his reign, accession to the throne was passed, in turn, between his four sons, a system that continues to date: accession is rotated between four ruling families in Ijéṣaland. Following Kúmókụn's reign, the Bilárọ family adopted the name Ajímọkọ Haastrup.

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