• Frederik Van Lierde

    Frederik Van Lierde

    Frederik Van Lierde (born 25 May 1979) is a Belgian professional triathlete and 2013 Ironman triathlon world champion.

  • Wilhelmus Frederik van Leeuwen

    Wilhelmus Frederik van Leeuwen (18 April 1860 – 6 September 1930) was a Dutch politician and Mayor of Amsterdam between 1901 and 1910. Born in The Hague, he studied at the University of Amsterdam and led the student union there. Leaving with a law doctorate, he moved to Amsterdam to practice law. As well as being the mayor of Amsterdam, he was the first Vice-President of the Council of State to not be a member of the nobility.

  • Frederik von Haxthausen

  • Carl Frederik von Breda

    Carl Frederik von Breda

    Carl Frederik von Breda (16 August 1759 – 1 December 1818) was a Swedish painter who studied in and spent much of his career in Britain before becoming painter to the Swedish court. He was born in Stockholm in 1759, and moved to Britain where he was a student of Joshua Reynolds. Breda specialized in painting portraits and was called "the van Dyck of Sweden". He returned to Sweden 1796 where he became Professor at the Academy of Arts, a popular portraitist, and a court painter. Breda married at age 22 and his son, Johan Fredrik, was also a painter, who studied under his father. Breda died in Stockholm in 1818.

  • Frederik van Eeden

    Frederik van Eeden

    Frederik Willem van Eeden (3 April 1860, Haarlem – 16 June 1932, Bussum ) was a late 19th-century and early 20th-century Dutch writer and psychiatrist. He was a leading member of the Tachtigers and the Significs Group, and had top billing among the editors of De Nieuwe Gids (The New Guide) during its celebrated first few years of publication, starting in 1885.

  • Christian Frederik von Schalburg

    Christian Frederik von Schalburg

    Christian Frederik von Schalburg (15 April 1906 – 2 June 1942) was a Danish army officer, the second commander of Free Corps Denmark and brother of Vera von Schalburg.

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