• Frederik Tylicki

    Frederik 'Freddy' Tylicki (born c.1986) is a German-born former flat racing jockey in Great Britain. He was British flat racing Champion Apprentice in 2009, when he also won the Lester Award for Apprentice Jockey of the Year. His Polish-born father Andrzej Tylicki was three times champion jockey in Germany.

  • Frederik Jacobus Johannes Buytendijk

    Frederik Jacobus Johannes Buytendijk (1887–1974) was a Dutch anthropologist, biologist and psychologist.

  • Frederik Christian Raben

    Frederik Christian Raben (23 March 1769 – 6 July 1838) was a Danish count, traveller and amateur naturalist. He owned Aalholm Castle on Lolland as well as the Lindencrone Mansion in Copenhagen.

  • Carl Frederik Tietgen

    Carl Frederik Tietgen

    Carl Frederik Tietgen (19 March 1829 – 19 October 1901) was a Danish financier and industrialist. The founder of numerous prominent Danish companies, many of which are still in operation today, he played an important role in the industrialisation of Denmark. Notably also forming conglomerates, several of Tietgen's companies attained a monopoly -like status, which cemented their durability.

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