• Franz Anton

    Franz Anton

    Franz Anton (born 23 October 1989) is a German slalom canoeist who has competed at the international level since 2006. He specialized in the C1 class from the start of his career. Between 2012 and 2018 he was also competing in the C2 class together with Jan Benzien.

  • Franz Anton Hoffmeister

    Franz Anton Hoffmeister

    Franz Anton Hoffmeister (12 May 1754 – 9 February 1812) was a German composer and music publisher.

  • Franz Anton Ries

    Franz Anton Xaverius Ries (November 10, 1755 – November 1, 1846) was a German violinist. His father Johann Ries (1723–1784) was court trumpeter to the Elector of Cologne in Bonn. Ries was born in Bonn, and studied under J.P. Salomon. He was a child prodigy, and was concertmaster of the Kurfürstlichen Hoforchester in Vienna. He spent most of his life in Bonn, though he had success in his early years in Vienna as both a solo violinist and in quartets. One of his students in Bonn was the young Beethoven. He was given an appointment by Elector Maximilian in 1779, which he kept until the court's dissolution in 1794. After this he continued teaching; he was awarded an Order of the Red Eagle and an honorary doctorate from Bonn University. He died in Godesberg.

  • Franz Anton Basch

    Dr. Franz Anton Basch (Hungarian: Basch Ferenc Antal) (July 13, 1901 – April 27, 1946) was a Shwovish Nazi politician, the chairman of Volksbund der Deutschen in Ungarn and the leader of the Shwoveh (Danube Swabian ) community in Hungary.

  • Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky

    Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky

    Count Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky (Czech: František Antonín Kolovrat-Libštejnský; 31 January 1778 – 4 April 1861) was Bohemian noble and Austrian statesman from the House of Kolowrat. As a moderate liberal politician, he was one of the major opponents of State Chancellor Prince Klemens von Metternich during the Vormärz era. In the March Revolution of 1848, Kolowrat became the first constitutional Minister-President of Austria, however, he resigned after one month in office.

  • Franz Anton Maulbertsch

    Franz Anton Maulbertsch

    Franz Anton Maulbertsch (7 June 1724 – 8 August 1796) was an Austrian painter and engraver, one of the most renowned exponents of roccoco painting in the German region.

  • Anton Franz de Paula Graf Lamberg-Sprinzenstein

    Anton Franz de Paula Graf Lamberg-Sprinzenstein

    Anton Franz de Paula Graf Lamberg-Sprinzenstein (1740 – 1822) was an Austrian diplomat and art collector.

  • Franz Anton Schiefner

    Franz Anton Schiefner

    Franz Anton Schiefner (June 18, 1817 – November 16, 1879) was a Baltic German linguist and tibetologist.

  • Franz Anton Bagnato

    Franz (Ignaz) Anton Bagnato, (15 June 1731 – 18 June 1810), also known as Francesco Antonio Bagnato, was the son of architect Johann Caspar Bagnato. Franz Anton Bagnato was born in Altshausen. Like his father he was an architect active during the Baroque period. Bagnato is mostly remembered for his works in the service of the Teutonic Knights and the Prince-Bishop of Constance.

  • Franz Anton von Zauner

    Franz Anton von Zauner

    Franz Anton von Zauner (5 July 1746/48 in Falpetan im Oberinntal, Tyrolia – 3 March 1822 in Vienna ) was an Austrian sculptor who worked in the Neoclassical style.

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