• Frans Goedhart

    Frans Goedhart

    Frans Johannes Goedhart (25 January 1904 – 3 March 1990) was a Dutch journalist, politician and during World War II member of the Dutch resistance. Having spent most of his youth in orphanages and having received little formal education Goedhart became a journalist for several local and regional newspapers in the 1930s. During this period Goedhart became a fierce anti-communist and anti-fascist and became wishful of political reform based on socialism.

  • Hendrik Frans Verbrugghen

    Hendrik Frans Verbrugghen or Hendrik Frans Verbruggen (alternative first names: Hendrik Fransiscus, Henricus-Franciscus and Frans) (Antwerp, 30 April 1654 – Antwerp, 12 December 1724) was a Flemish sculptor and draftsman, who is best known for his Baroque church furniture in various Belgian churches.

  • Frans Fast

    Frans Oskar Fast (September 30, 1885 – June 29, 1959) was a Swedish tug of war competitor who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.

  • Frans Verhaegen

    Frans Verhaegen (born 22 January 1948) is a Belgian former professional racing cyclist. He rode in the 1976 Tour de France.

  • Frans Boels

    Frans Boels (c. 1555, Mechelen – 1596, Amsterdam ) was a Flemish painter and draftsman, who was active in the Dutch Republic in the latter part of his life. He is mainly known for his landscape paintings with Biblical or mythological scenes or hunting parties.

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