• François-Joseph

    François-Joseph is a given name, and may refer to:

  • Francois-Joseph Servois

    François-Joseph Servois (born 19 July 1767 in Mont-de-Laval, Doubs, France; died 17 April 1847 in Mont-de-Laval, Doubs, France) was a French priest, military officer and mathematician. His most notable contribution came in his publication of Essai sur un nouveau mode d’exposition des principes du calcul différentiel (Essay on a system of exposition of the principles of differential calculus) in 1814, where he first introduced the mathematical terms for commutative and distributive.

  • François-Joseph Regnier

    François-Joseph Regnier

    François-Joseph-Philoclès Regnier de La Brière called Regnier (1 April 1807, in Paris – 27 April 1885, in Paris) was a 19th-century French actor and playwright. The comedian Alcide Tousez was his uncle.

  • François-Joseph d'Offenstein

    François-Joseph d'Offenstein

    François-Joseph d'Offenstein (27 July 1760 – 27 September 1837), Baron of the Ist Empire, was a French general and military commander during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

  • François-Joseph Laflèche

    François-Joseph Laflèche (4 October 1879 – 2 June 1945) was a Conservative member of the House of Commons of Canada. He was born in Saint-Wenceslas, Quebec and became a physician, surgeon and pharmacist.

  • François-Joseph de Champagny

    François-Joseph de Champagny, 4th Duke of Cadore (8 September 1804, Vienna – 4 May 1882 Paris) was a French author and historian. He was the thirteenth member elected to occupy seat 4 of the Académie française in 1869.

  • François-Joseph Chaussegros de Léry

    François-Joseph Chaussegros de Léry

    Général François-Joseph d'Estienne Chaussegros de Léry (9 September 1754 - 5 September 1824) was the Canadian Engineer-in-Chief of Napoleon's Armies and Commander-in-Chief of Napoleon's Armies in the Netherlands. On his death, his name was on the list of officers being considered to fill the position of Marshal of France. He was created a Baron d'Empire and on the restoration of Louis XVIII of France he was created Vicomte de Léry and given the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. He is one of the 660 personalities whose names are engraved on the Arc de Triomphe at Paris.

  • François-Joseph Servois

  • Francois-Joseph Laflèche

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