• Francesco

    Francesco, the Italian (and original) version of the personal name "Francis ", is the most common given name among males in Italy, and is the given name of:

  • Francesco Fedato

    Francesco Fedato

    Francesco Fedato (born 15 October 1992) is an Italian footballer who plays as a left winger.

  • Francesco Cergoli

    Francesco Cergoli (October 22, 1921 – 2000) was an Italian professional football player and coach.

  • Francesco Carotta

    Francesco Carotta

    Francesco Carotta (born 1946 in Veneto, Italy ) is an Italian writer who developed a theory that the historical Jesus was based on the life of Julius Caesar, that the Gospels were a rewriting of Roman historical sources, and that Christianity developed from the cult of the deified Caesar. This theory is generally ignored in academic circles.

  • Francesco Croce

    Francesco Croce (1696–1773) was an Italian baroque architect. He was mainly active in Milan, where he worked for the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano. Among other things, he designed the highest spire of the Duomo, the guglia del tiburio ("lantern spire"), on top of which the Madonnina statue is currently placed.

  • Francesco Gullino

    Francesco Gullino (or Giullino) (born 31 May 1945, Bra, Piedmont) is a Dane of Italian origin who was named in June 2005 by The Times as the prime suspect in the 1978 "Bulgarian umbrella " murder of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov. He was born in Bra, Italy and was known by the code name "Piccadilly".

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