• Francesco

    Francesco, the Italian (and original) version of the personal name "Francis ", is the most common given name among males in Italy, and is the given name of:

  • Marzia Di Francesco

    Marzia Di Francesco

    Marzia Di Francesco (born January 27, 1993) is a YouTube star.

  • Francesco Starace

    Francesco Starace

    Francesco Starace (Italian pronunciation: [ staˈratʃe]; born 1955) is an Italian business executive and the CEO and general manager of Enel Group.

  • Francesco Francavilla

    Francesco Francavilla

    Francesco Francavilla is an Italian comic book artist known for his creator-owned series The Black Beetle and pulp-inspired comic covers. Other notable works include The Black Coat (which he co-created), Dynamite's Zorro series, and his recent run on Detective Comics with Scott Snyder and Jock.

  • Francesco Facchinetti

    Francesco Facchinetti

    Francesco Facchinetti, also known under the mononym Dj Francesco or as Oz, is an Italian DJ, producer, singer, musician and TV presenter. He rose to fame as a singer during the summer of 2003, when he released his debut single, "La canzone del capitano", which became a hit in Italy. Before retiring from his music career in 2007, he released three studio albums, and he competed in the Sanremo Music Festival three times. He is the founder of Italian EDM trio "We Are PresidentS".

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