• Ferdinand I de' Medici

  • Ferdinand I, King of Naples

  • Ferdinand I of Limburg Stirum

    Ferdinand Gotthard Meinrad of Limburg Stirum, count of Limburg, "Fürst" von Styrum, sovereign lord zu Gemen, was born in 1701, son of Maximilian Wilhelm of Limburg Stirum.

  • Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies

    Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies

    Ferdinand I (12 January 1751 – 4 January 1825), was the King of the Two Sicilies from 1816, after his restoration following victory in the Napoleonic Wars. Before that he had been, since 1759, Ferdinand IV of the Kingdom of Naples and Ferdinand III of the Kingdom of Sicily. He was also King of Gozo. He was deposed twice from the throne of Naples: once by the revolutionary Parthenopean Republic for six months in 1799 and again by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805.

  • Ferdinand I National College

    Ferdinand I National College (Romanian: Colegiul Național "Ferdinand I") is a high school in Bacău, Romania, located at 45 George Bacovia Street.

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