• Felice Alessandri

    Felice Alessandri (24 November 1747 – 15 August 1798) was an Italian keyboardist and composer who was internationally active; working in Berlin, London, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Turin. He is best known for his stage works, and he produced a total of 32 operas between 1764 and 1794. His other compositions include 6 symphonies, 6 trio sonatas for 2 violins with basso continuo, a ballet, and an oratorio.

  • Felice

    Felice is a name that can be used as both a given name, masculine or feminine, and a surname. It is a common name in Italian, where it is equivalent to Felix. Notable people with the name include:

  • Frank Felice

    Frank Felice

    Frank Felice (born October 13, 1961 in Great Falls, Montana) is an American composer of contemporary classical music and associate professor of composition, theory, and electronic music in the Jordan College of Arts at Butler University.

  • Felice Mueller

    Felice Mueller (born October 15, 1989) is an American rower. She won the gold medal in the coxless four at the 2013 World Rowing Championships. Her rowing career began at the Pomfret School. From there, she attended and rowed at the University of Michigan from 2008 to 2012. She won a medal at the 2019 World Rowing Championships.

  • Renée Felice Smith

    Renée Felice Smith

    Renée Felice Smith (born January 16, 1985) is an American actress. She is known for portraying Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles , since joining the series in 2010.

  • Felice Chiusano

    Felice Chiusano (28 March 1922 - 3 February 1990) was one of the singers of Quartetto Cetra, a popular Italian vocal quartet.

  • Felice Evacuo

    Felice Evacuo (born 23 August 1982) is an Italian footballer who plays as a forward for Trapani.

  • Felice Duffy

    Felice Duffy is a New Haven, Connecticut-based defense attorney and public speaker with over 10 years of experience as a federal prosecutor, a role in which she worked to make neighborhoods safer, enforce drug and criminal penalties, support civil rights, and more.

  • Felice DeMatteo

    Felice DeMatteo (April 17, 1866 - December 13, 1929) was an Italian-American composer, arranger, and bandmaster best known for his marches, waltzes, and polkas. He was born in Pizzo di Calabria, Italy and attended a musical academy in Padua. He served in the Italian military where he became an army bandmaster and performed before the King of Italy. He composed many of his works after his discharge from the military. In 1903, he moved to New York City and set up music studios for instrumentalists. DeMatteo organized several bands in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania before his death in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1929.

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