• Farouk Ben Mustapha

    Farouk Ben Mustapha

    Farouk Ben Mustapha (Arabic: فاروق بن مصطفى‎; born 1 July 1989) is a Tunisian professional football goalkeeper who plays for Al-Shabab and the Tunisia national football team.

  • Fadhila El Farouk

    Fadhila El Farouk (November 20, 1967, Arris, Algeria) is the artistic name of the Algerian writer Fadhila Melkemi.

  • Farouk Sharif

    His Royal Highness Sultan Farouk Rawa Gandarosa Sharif is the crowned Sultan of Taporog, Poona Bayabao, Lanao del Sur, Philippines

  • Farouk Seif Al Nasr

    Farouk Seif Al Nasr (14 December 1922) is an Egyptian politician who served as justice minister in different cabinets during Mobarak's term.

  • Haytham Farouk

    Haytham Farouk (Arabic: هيثم فاروق‎; born January 4, 1971) is a retired Egyptian international football player.

  • El Amry Farouk

    El Amry Farouk is an Egyptian businessman and Egypt's former minister of state for sports as part of the Qandil cabinet.

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