• Ever Carradine

    Ever Dawn Carradine (born August 6, 1974) is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Tiffany Porter and Kelly Ludlow on the ABC television series' Once and Again and Commander in Chief respectively, and as Naomi Putnam and Janet Stein on the Hulu original series' The Handmaid's Tale and Runaways respectively.

  • Everything!

    Everything (or every thing) is all that exists; the opposite of nothing, or its complement. It is the totality of things relevant to some subject matter. Without expressed or implied limits, it may refer to anything. The Universe is everything that exists theoretically, though a multiverse may exist according to theoretical cosmology predictions. It may refer to an anthropocentric worldview, or the sum of human experience, history, and the human condition in general. Every object and entity is a part of everything, including all physical bodies and in some cases all abstract objects.

  • Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We

  • Everett Benyard

    Everett Benyard

    Everett Benyard (raised in San Diego) is an American student and football player. He plays for Oregon Ducks and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

  • Everything (Michael Buble song)

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