• Eudes

    Eudes may refer to:

  • Eudes of Brittany

    Eudes of Brittany may refer to:

  • Eudes Assis

    Eudes Assis (from Boiçucanga, São Sebastião, São Paulo, Brazil ) known as Chef Eudes, is a chef known in the Brazil for using ingredients of "caiçara" culture.

  • Raymond Eudes

    Raymond Pierre Eudes (10 October 1912 – 25 October 1980) was a French Canadian lawyer and politician.

  • Eudes Dagoulou

    Eudes Cratia Dagoulou Koziade (born 9 February 1990 in Bimbo) is a Central African Republic footballer who plays for Gamma Ethniki club Kalamata as an attacking midfielder.

  • Eudes I, Duke of Burgundy

  • Eudes of Burgundy (disambiguation)

    Eudes, Odo or Otto of Burgundy may refer to:

  • Eudes III, Duke of Burgundy

  • Prince Eudes, Duke of Angoulême

    Prince Eudes, Duke of Angoulême

    Prince Eudes Thibaut Joseph Marie of Orléans, Duke of Angoulême (born 18 March 1968), is the youngest son of Henri, Count of Paris, Duke of France, the late Orleanist claimant to the throne of France, and of Duchess Marie Therese of Württemberg.

  • Eudes II, Duke of Burgundy

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