• Ernst Rowohlt

    Ernst R. Rowohlt (23 June 1887 in Bremen – 1 December 1960 in Hamburg ) was a German publisher who founded the Rowohlt publishing house in 1908 and headed it and its successors until his death.

  • Ernst

    Ernst is both a surname and a given name, the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian form of Ernest. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ernst Munch (musician)

  • Ernst Stuckelberg (painter)

  • Ernst Merton

    Ernst Merton (August 9, 1848 – December 24, 1920) was an American lawyer and politician.

  • Ernst Ferand

    Ernst Thomas Ferand (1887-1972) (also known as Ernest Ferand and Ernst Ferand-Freund) was a Hungarian music educator and musicologist.

  • Order of Ernst August

    Order of Ernst August

    The Order of Ernst August was founded 15 December 1865 by King George V of Hanover in memory of his father Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover. The order was awarded for both civil and military merit. It was divided in five classes:

  • Ernst Manker

    Ernst Mauritz Manker (20 March 1893 – 1 February 1972) was a Swedish ethnographer, known for his work on Sami history and ethnography.

  • Ernst Gustav Zaddach

    Ernst Gustav Zaddach (7 June 1817, Danzig – 5 June 1881, Königsberg ) was a German geologist and zoologist, who made contributions in the fields of carcinology and entomology. He is also known for his investigations of amber found in Samland (Baltic coast ).

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