• Ernst Alexanderson

    Ernst Frederick Werner Alexanderson (January 25, 1878 – May 14, 1975) was a Swedish-American electrical engineer, who was a pioneer in radio and television development. He invented the Alexanderson alternator, an early radio transmitter used between 1906 and the 1930s for longwave long distance radio transmission. Alexanderson also created the amplidyne, a direct current amplifier used during the Second World War for controlling anti-aircraft guns.

  • Ernst

    Ernst is both a surname and a given name, the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian form of Ernest. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ernst Munch (musician)

  • Ernst Stuckelberg (painter)

  • Ernst Gustav Zaddach

    Ernst Gustav Zaddach (7 June 1817, Danzig – 5 June 1881, Königsberg ) was a German geologist and zoologist, who made contributions in the fields of carcinology and entomology. He is also known for his investigations of amber found in Samland (Baltic coast ).

  • Ernst Schroder (actor)

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