• Ernest Pingoud

    Ernest Pingoud

    Ernest Pingoud (14 October 1887 – 1 June 1942) was a Finnish composer.

  • Ernest Aldrich Simpson

    Ernest Aldrich Simpson

    Ernest Aldrich Simpson (6 May 1897 – 30 November 1958) was an American-born British shipbroker, best known as the second husband of Wallis Simpson, later wife of the former King Edward VIII.

  • Ernest Jay

    Ernest Jay

    Ernest Jay (18 September 1893 – 8 February 1957) was a British actor.

  • Ernest Maddox

    Ernest Edmund Maddox (1863–4 November 1933) was a British surgeon and ophthalmologist. He was a specialist in abnormal binocular vision and phorias (heterophoria in particular). He made advances in optical treatments and invented several devices to better investigate eye conditions, including Maddox rod, double prism Maddox, red glass Maddox, Maddox cross and Maddox wing. As a keen amateur astronomer he also invented the starfinder, a device to home in on stars and constellations.

  • Ernest Thomas

    Ernest Thomas

    Ernest Thomas (raised in League City, TX) is an American student and football player.

  • Ernest Carroll Moore

    Ernest Carroll Moore

    Ernest Carroll Moore (1871–1955) was an American educator. He co-founded the University of California, Southern Branch, in Los Angeles, California.

  • Ernest Mangu

    Ernest Mangu is the Inspector General of Police of Tanzania. Before his appointment Mangu served as the Director of Criminal Intelligence in the Police Force.

  • Ernest Bader

    Ernest Bader (24 November 1890 – 5 February 1982) and his wife, Dora Scott, founded a chemical company, Scott Bader, and gave it to the employees, under terms of Common ownership, forming the Scott Bader Commonwealth, in 1951.

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