• Enrico Di Giuseppe

    Enrico Di Giuseppe (October 14, 1932 – December 31, 2005) was a celebrated American operatic tenor who had an active performance career from the late 1950s through the 1990s. He spent most of his career performing in New York City, juggling concurrent performance contracts with both the New York City Opera (NYCO) and the Metropolitan Opera during the 1970s and 1980s. In the latter part of his career he was particularly active with the New York Grand Opera.

  • Di Giuseppe

    Di Giuseppe is an Italian patronymic surname, meaning "son of Giuseppe". People who share this surname include:

  • Giuseppe Di Cera

    Giuseppe Di Cera

    Giuseppe Di Cera is an American soccer player from St. Louis who plays as a midfielder for the St. Louis FC soccer team. He committed to play for the University of Chicago soccer team.

  • Camilla Di Giuseppe

    Camilla Di Giuseppe (born in Toronto, Ontario ) is the 11:30 late night anchor for CTV Calgary. She joined the newsroom in December 2006 as an anchor/reporter. Before that she worked as a reporter and anchor for CKY in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Giuseppe Di Stefano

    Giuseppe Di Stefano (24 July 1921 – 3 March 2008) was an Italian operatic tenor who sang professionally from the mid 1940s until the early 1990s. Called Pippo by both fans and friends, he was known as the "Golden voice" or "The most beautiful voice", as the true successor of Beniamino Gigli. Luciano Pavarotti said he modeled himself after Di Stefano. In an interview Pavarotti said "Di Stefano is my idol. There is a solar voice...It was the most incredible, open voice you could hear. The musicality of di Stefano is as natural and beautiful as the voice is phenomenal". Di Stefano was also the tenor who most inspired José Carreras.

  • San Giuseppe di Casto

    San Giuseppe di Casto

    San Giuseppe di Casto is a frazione (and parish ) of the municipality of Andorno Micca, in Piedmont, northern Italy.

  • Giuseppe Di Cristina

    Giuseppe Di Cristina

    Giuseppe Di Cristina (April 22, 1923 – May 30, 1978) was a powerful mafioso from Riesi in the province of Caltanissetta, Sicily, southern Italy. Di Cristina, nicknamed “la tigre’’ (the tiger), was born into a traditional Mafia family, his father Francesco Di Cristina and his grandfather were men of honour as well.

  • Giuseppe Di Giacomo

    Giuseppe Di Giacomo (born 1 January 1945 in Avola, Italy ) is an Italian philosopher and essayist.

  • Giuseppe Di Bianco

    Giuseppe Di Bianco (born 21 October 1969) is an Italian composer, conductor, arranger, mainly of choral music.

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